Legally Blonde: The Musical


***UPDATE: All shows are SOLD OUT***

Come see Canisius College Little Theatre’s production of Heather Hach’s “Legally Blonde: The Musical” directed by Matt Lunghino and Nicolette Navarro

April 24 & 25, curtain at 8pm
April 26, curtain at 2pm & 8pm

Two acts, 15 minute intermission between acts, doors open a half hour before listed showtime.

Synopsis (from MTI):
“Elle Woods appears to have it all. Her life is turned upside-down, however, when her boyfriend dumps her so he can start getting serious about his life and attend Harvard Law. Determined to get him back, Elle uses her charm to get into Harvard Law. At school, she struggles with peers, professors, and Warner Huntington III. With the help of Paulette and Emmett, though, Elle quickly realizes her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world.”

Elle Woods – Erin Mount
Emmett Forest – Thomas Radder
Warner Huntington III – Matthew Giangreco
Paulette Bonafonté – Megan Smith
Professor Callahan – Joe Rutigliano
Brooke Wyndam – Mary Maroney
Vivienne Kensington – Mallory Abel
Serena – Ashley Darrow
Margot – Jeanette Baker
Pilar – Janelle Sabin
Enid Hoopes – Mia LaMarco
Kate/Chutney/Perfume Girl – Kathryn Janicke
Grandmaster Chad/Dewey/Kyle – Conor Shea
Padamadan/Nikos – Albert Falcone
Elle’s Mom/Whitney/Gaelen/Saleswoman – Emily DiMartino
Elle’s Dad/Winthrop/TV Reporter – Alexander Re
Store Manager/Judge/H&H Salesgirl/Cashier – Emma Miller
Lowell/Carlos – Benjamin Caldwell
Pforzheimer/Harvard Student/Aaron Schultz – Alfred Runkel

Delta Nu Girls:
Angela Bender
Devon Bradley
Melanie Hidy
Rebecca Krakowiak
Alexis Parry

Featured Dancers/Ensemble:
Valarie Cavanaugh
Ashley Holmes
Spencer Thomas

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Auditions for Legally Blonde

Auditions for Little Theatre’s second stage show, Heather Hach’s “Legally Blonde: The Musical” will take place in the Marie Maday Theatre on:

Sunday, March 2 @ 1-4pm


Monday, March 3 @ 5-8pm


Tuesday, March 4 @ 5-8pm

The show will be directed by Nicolette Navarro and Matt Lunghino

Auditions will consist of a 24-36 measures of a song that you have prepared that is NOT from the show, either a cappella or accompaniment via CD.

Also please be prepared to dance! Bring a change of clothes because you will be learning a short dance segment from the show!

Cast list will be posted after the final performance of J.B. Priestley’s “An Inspector Calls,” March 8.

If you are interested in playing in the Pit Orchestra or being part of Production Staff or stage crew, please attend one of the audition dates. Any questions, please email

***Open to Canisius students only***

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Harvey opens tonight!

This weekend, be sure to stop by and see Little Theatre’s production of Mary Chase’s Harvey, directed by Alexander Re! We’ve all been working very hard to bring you a laugh out loud comedy of errors of hilarious proportions. Join Harvey and the gang this Thursday (10/3) and Friday (10/4) at 8:00pm, and on Saturday (10/5) at 2:00pm. Doors open half an hour before showtimes.

For reservations email “” or call 888-7824.

Admission is free and refreshments are served afterwards, we hope to see you soon!


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Little Theatre Presents: “Harvey”

Hello everyone! It’s almost that time, a mere six days, until the Little Theatre’s production of Mary Chase’s comedy, “Harvey.” We hope to see you at the show, all the information is on the poster below, please note that our phone number is incorrectly listed, it should be (716) 888-7824.

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Harvey the Pooka? What’s a “pooka?”

Púca [poo-kuh]: noun, (in folklore) an Irish spirit, mischievous but not malevolent, corresponding to the English Puck” (

A black rabbit pooka

The pooka is a strange, shapeshifting creature that often takes the form of a very tall, often dark furred creature, usually a horse, rabbit, goat, goblin, or dog. Though they are often invisible, they can appear to whomever they please.

A goat pooka

Being the mischievous creatures they are, they can be bringers of good luck or back luck, but rarely cause harm to human beings. They have the ability of human speech, as well as the power to stop time, and are known as great chefs in the villages for which they reside. The pooka has been known to give advice and lead people away from harm, but it also enjoys confusing and terrifying humans. (Wikipedia)

A goblin pooka

As we see through the show, Harvey is very caring of Elwood, and tends to give him advice. However, he gets a great deal of enjoyment in tormenting Dr. Chumley. To learn more about Harvey the Pooka, come see Mary Chase’s Harvey, as directed by Alexander Re, opening October 3-5, 2013, shows at 8, 8, and 2 pm in the Marie Maday Theatre. For further reading on pookas and their fairy-kin, be sure to check out this website and this website. Harvey will be watching for you at our show, we hope to see you there!

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“Harvey” is starting to shape up!

Our blocking is all finished, and the show is starting to flow well! Here are some pictures from rehearsal:

Be sure to visit our Instagram (cclittletheatre) and our Vine (@CCLT) to view more pictures and videos. Hope to see you at the show!

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“Harvey” Cast List

Little Theatre is proud to announce the cast of Mary Chase’s Harvey, directed by Alexander Re. The show will be the first week of October.

Myrtle Mae Simmons—-Ashley Holmes
Veta Louise Simmons—-Erin Mount
Elwood P. Dowd—-Alfred Runkel

Miss Johnson—-Giana Marie Romanelli
Ethel Chauvenet—-Ashlyn Zgoda

Ruth Kelly—-Maria Ta

Duane Wilson—-Benjamin Caldwell

Lyman Sanderson—-Conor Shea

William R. Chumley—-Albert Falcone
Betty Chumley—-Nicolette Navarro

Omar Gaffney—-Matthew Giangreco
E.J. Lofgren—-Conor Toomb


First of all, we’d like to say “thank you!” to everyone who came out and auditioned for Harvey! Everyone did a terrific job.
If you were not cast, do not be discouraged. There are plenty of ways to get involved. We are still looking for more people for our production staff, so if you would be interested in filling one of those roles, PLEASE let us know by emailing our producers, Albert Falcone ( and Matt Lunghino ( Also, auditions for William Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be held in a few weeks.

To those in the cast: We will be having a read-thru on FRIDAY at 7:00pm in the theatre. If you cannot attend, please let us know immediately, by emailing Alexander Re (  but make an effort to be there!! Also, tomorrow, there will be a cast list posted outside of the clubroom. Please initial next to your name to accept your role. You can pick up your script in the clubroom or we will hand them out at the read thru.

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“Harvey” Auditions

This week we will be holding auditions for our first show of the year, Mary Chase’s Harvey, directed by senior, Alexander Re. Harvey is a delightful comedy about a charming man named Elwood P. Dowd, and his best friend, Harvey, a six foot tall rabbit, that only Elwood can see. Elwood’s family tries to get him committed to a sanitarium, but a mix up occurs in a classic, but completely original, comedy of errors.

Auditions will be held in the clubroom, in the basement of the student center, this Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, auditions will run from 5:30pm to 8:30pm and on Wednesday, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Auditions will be a cold read. You will be given a few pages of the script, and after a few minutes to read them over, you and everyone in your scene will be called in to read for the director. You will also be required to fill out a quick form beforehand.

If you are interested in Production Staff, please stop by the clubroom during audition time to fill out a Prod Staff form.

We hope to see you there, break a leg!



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Next LT show up soon!

Little Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple” is underway! We have the frame of our set up and some rehearsal furniture onstage. Only 3.5 weeks till opening night (November 29 at 8 p.m!) See the full cast list below.

Michael Lillis and Albert Falcone working on their characters' complex relationship on our in-progress set.


Oscar Madison – Albert Falcone

Felix Unger – Michael Lillis

Speed – Patrick Zicari

Murray – Ben Caldwell

Vinnie – Alex Re

Roy – Alfred Runkel

Gwendolyn Pigeon – Ashley Holmes

Cecily Pigeon – Erin Mount

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Auditions for Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple!”

We still have 3 more performances of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.,  so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t fret! But in the mean time, we are kicking off our next show, Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple.” Come on down to our clubroom to audition or fill out a form to be part of our production staff.

The performance dates for “The Odd Couple” will be November 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. and December 1 at 2 p.m.

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