“Harvey” Cast List 1

Little Theatre is proud to announce the cast of Mary Chase’s Harvey, directed by Alexander Re. The show will be the first week of October.

Myrtle Mae Simmons—-Ashley Holmes
Veta Louise Simmons—-Erin Mount
Elwood P. Dowd—-Alfred Runkel

Miss Johnson—-Giana Marie Romanelli
Ethel Chauvenet—-Ashlyn Zgoda

Ruth Kelly—-Maria Ta

Duane Wilson—-Benjamin Caldwell

Lyman Sanderson—-Conor Shea

William R. Chumley—-Albert Falcone
Betty Chumley—-Nicolette Navarro

Omar Gaffney—-Matthew Giangreco
E.J. Lofgren—-Conor Toomb


First of all, we’d like to say “thank you!” to everyone who came out and auditioned for Harvey! Everyone did a terrific job.
If you were not cast, do not be discouraged. There are plenty of ways to get involved. We are still looking for more people for our production staff, so if you would be interested in filling one of those roles, PLEASE let us know by emailing our producers, Albert Falcone (falconea@canisius.edu) and Matt Lunghino (lunghinm@canisius.edu). Also, auditions for William Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be held in a few weeks.

To those in the cast: We will be having a read-thru on FRIDAY at 7:00pm in the theatre. If you cannot attend, please let us know immediately, by emailing Alexander Re (rea@canisius.edu)  but make an effort to be there!! Also, tomorrow, there will be a cast list posted outside of the clubroom. Please initial next to your name to accept your role. You can pick up your script in the clubroom or we will hand them out at the read thru.

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